Flowers and Design 

With my extensive experience and knowledge from working in the floral industry, I pride myself on my unique floral designs and am not afraid to push the boundaries. My designs are as unique and are an expression of your style. From Traditional to contemporary, country or Ikebana I have done it all.  I work from a design studio—not a flower shop which means every single flower is freshly hand selected.   In my design studio, I am able to give my full attention to creating artistic bouquets and arrangements just for you, and your event. 


This is a way for my clients to giveback after their wedding or special event. Instead of throwing your flowers away after your event you can add the additional service of donating them.  If you choose this service, I will take your floral arrangements from your event, rearrange them and then take them to a senior care facility or to patients in a hospice facility. Your special event flowers are than loved twice, and not only will you have done a good deed, with a receipt from JBK Weddings & Events, you’ll be able to take a deduction for the value of the items donated.

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